Chef Eamonn McParland, who created delicious vegan dishes at Render’s in South Bend, has now opened his own restaurant, Roselily, also in South Bend. Michiana VegFest recently  interviewed Chef Eamonn:

Q: Describe how and why Roselily caters to vegans.
A: After years of working in kitchens I noticed that most restaurants fail to adequately accommodate vegans. The guests’ experience in the restaurant is very i
mportant to me and I never wanted a guest to feel uncomfortable for the simple fact that they don’t eat meat. Most restaurants will prepare something vegan by request but I always felt that was an uncomfortable experience for the diner. That’s why we decided it was best to have a separate vegan & vegetarian menu. It takes just a little extra effort on our part but makes a big difference in the guests’ experience. 

Q: What are some of your favorite vegan menu features?
A: We switch up our menu often at Roselily to accommodate seasonality but there are a few items that I love that will always stay. Our mushroom pate is our vegan counterpart to our popular liver pate. Another is the cauliflower steak which is sous vide in garlic oil and pan fried in a cast iron pan. While its presentation may change, the cauliflower steak stays. And for dessert our vegan cheesecake. This item has become a favorite with our vegan and non vegan diners. The flavor and accompaniments may change from time to time but it’s always vegan and gluten free.

Q: What is Roselily’s mission?
A: Our mission at Roselily is to make dining more than just eating for sustenance but for it to also be an experience. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience which is why we are so happy to accommodate vegans. 

Q: What are your plans for 2021 which will appeal to our vegan audience?
A: I’ve always wanted to do a special night, some time in the middle to late summer when local produce is at its height, where we can do an elegant vegan tasting and wine pairing event. Or even vegan “mocktails.” If there was a demand for that, I’d love to do it this year. 

Roselily, 131 S Lafayette Blvd, South Bend IN, 46601
Roselily’s Veg*n Menu (scroll below the regular menu items)