Dame Tu Mano is a Hispanic health initiative centered on improving overall health for this community. Since its creation DTM’s goal has been to empower the Hispanic community by taking control of their personal health. Over the past ten years that goal has taken several different approaches, but the overall goal of better health and wellness is still at the helm of our efforts. At this time the primary focus is to deliver awareness and education on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The program is composed of two phases, nutritional education and physical activity. Currently, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, it is delivered virtually through social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Using social media has allowed for a broader reach of people and provides a place for engagement and delivery of information to multiple areas, and counties that we cover. Nutritional videos provide recipes, cooking instructions and nutritional information. Physical activity videos provide at home, low impact, and little/no equipment activities that participants can enjoy from the comfort and safety of their own home and can share with their entire family.

Beacon Community Impact Project Specialist: Paul Beltran