By: Michiana Vegfest



World Vegan Month, which takes place in November, is a time to raise awareness about the vegan movement. 


There’s no charge to attend the party, and it’s a great opportunity to inspire vegan-curious people to take the next step toward a vegan lifestyle and to dispel vegan stereotypes that still exist. World Vegan Month serves as a forum for discussion, debate, and education on the subject of vegetarianism and veganism in general. It’s a great time for vegan celebrations, too!

Even if you already have a grand celebration planned, if you are at a loss for what to do, you have come to the right place. Please share your plans for the holiday in the comments section below.


1. Plan a vegan lunch for your team at work 


Workers all over the world will be celebrating World Vegan Day on November 1st with vegan-themed lunches. Consider organizing a holiday party for your coworkers if none have been planned by your company. Vegetarian work lunches are an excellent way to introduce veganism to a wide range of people. If you want to go all out, decorate your workplace with vegan or animal-themed decorations to show how beneficial veganism is to the environment and animals. Let us know how you’re celebrating #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay on social media by using the hashtags!


2. Plan a vegan movie night with your friends. 


When it comes to inspiring compassion for animals and helping people make the connection, movies can be an invaluable resource. To get you started, consider films like Okja, which has a heartfelt theme, or Simon Amstell’s Carnage, which takes a lighter approach. Having a list of vegan resources on hand could be beneficial if any of your guests feel motivated to go vegan after your event.


3. Invite non-vegan friends to a tasting party. 


Negative views of vegan food are a major deterrent for many people who are thinking about going vegan. Despite the advances in vegan fare over the last few years, some people are still unaware of just how many of their current favorite foods are already “accidentally vegan”. You could put together a buffet of your favorite vegan treats, healthy dishes, and even mock meats and vegan cheeses to satisfy your guests’ cravings. Demonstrate to your friends that they will not be missing out on anything!


4. Demonstrate the Vegan Pledge 


During World Vegan Month, if you’re considering going vegan or know someone who is, now is the time to make the switch. With the popularity of our 30-day pledge in November, you will be in good company and can ask for help and advice from your peers. When you join The Pledge, you’ll get daily messages in your inbox from The Vegan Society with advice and tips for starting your vegan journey and beyond. The Pledge is a completely free resource.


5. Donate to a vegan charity or an animal sanctuary of your choice. 


It is a philosophy of life that seeks to eliminate all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty from one’s daily life to the fullest extent possible.

The true meaning of veganism can be overlooked by the mainstream media, which instead focuses on the health benefits or the growing popularity of the diet. A great time to remind ourselves and others why and what veganism stands for was during World Vegan Month, which is celebrated every November. If you really want to make a difference, why not donate to an animal sanctuary or a vegan charity? In the event that you are unable to contribute financially, you can always volunteer your time.


6. Choose an excellent vegan meal and stock up on all of your favorite vegan treats. 


Because it’s World Vegan Month, many vegan-friendly businesses will be offering special discounts to customers in honor of the occasion. Aside from helping you save money, patronizing your preferred vegan-friendly establishment will help it continue to exist. With each purchase, you are sending a message to businesses about your preferences for how they should conduct business.


7. Participate in vegan outreach initiatives. 


Inspiring someone to go vegan by explaining the benefits in a nonjudgmental and considerate way can be a very rewarding experience. Outreach can take a variety of forms, from organizing group demonstrations to delivering education in a more personalized one-on-one setting. In terms of outreach, you could also be innovative. Examine your reasons for going vegan; is there a way you could share those reasons with others?


8. Get involved in the political process. 


This is the best time to see an increase in veganism because it’s World Vegan Month! You may be motivated to do more by the movement’s growth, which is especially true at this time of year. You can make a real difference by writing to your local MP and asking them to support our campaigns like Grow Green.


9. Prepare a vegan cake to serve. 


No celebration is complete without a cake, and there are plenty of delectable vegan recipes available that eliminate the need for eggs or dairy altogether. A decadent vegan cake could be the star of your vegan office lunch. During World Vegan Month, make our Celebration fruit crown and see how it turns out.


10. Join the organization. 


In 1944, the Vegan Society was established. There has been a remarkable growth in society and veganism since that time.. World Vegan Month was created to recognize and celebrate this progress, so there’s never been a better time to add your voice to the vegan movement!


Celebrate #WorldVeganMonth with us on Facebook and let us know what you’re up to.