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  • A Compassionate Lifestyle (February 2021)
    • Choosing Veganism  --  20 Vegan Fast Food Options  --  25 Vegan Documentaries  --  Plant-Based Breakfast Recipes  --  New Vegan Breakfast Meats  --  Roselily Dinner for Two Raffle!  --  Interview with Roselily Chef Eamonn McParland  --  Winner of January Vegan Cheese Basket  --  Gratitude for VegFest Sponsor The University of Notre Dame  --  "The Microbiome - A Critical Player in Whole Body Health" by Jocelyn Antonelli, Director of Nutrition Services at Notre Dame  --  A Valued VegFest Vendor: A Bite with Mee  --  Laura Ball, Newsletter Volunteer and Recipe Taster: "Why I'm Vegan"
  • Happy Veganuary 2021!
    • Resources to Join the Movement  --  Cheesy, Nut-Free Recipes  --  What's New  --  Raffle Prizes: Vegan Cheese Basket from Our Sponsor Martin's Supermarkets and Product from Frangipani Skin Care  --  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadilla Recipe  --  One of Our Valued VegFest Vendors: Arbonne  --  "Why I'm Vegan"  --  New Dining Guide of Regional Veg-Friendly Restaurants  --  Films for Long Winter Nights
  • Vegan in December (2020)
    • How Much Have You Saved?  --  Black Crow Give Away  --  Delicious Vegan Recipes  --  Is Your Booze Vegan?  --  Our Loyal Sponsors Art Decio and Goshen Heart & Vascular Center  --  VegFest Exhibitor of the Month: Barn Sanctuary  --  A Personal Story of Healing  --  "My Vegan Journey"
  • VegFest Holidays (November 2020)
    • World Vegan Day  --  Book of the Month  --  Meet a Sponsor  --  Vegan Stuffing  --  Pumpkin Three Ways  --  Meet VegFest Vendors  --  Enter a Raffle!  --  Order a Holiday Meal  --  Healthy Habits  --  Ornish Medicine  --  Healthy Pumpkin Pie  -- The Vegan Society  --  "Why I'm Vegan"  --  Be/Meet a Mentor  --  Chill with Films