Exhibitor FAQ

Do I have to be vegan to participate? 

Not at all! We are a vegan event but there will be a variety of exhibitors. No one needs to personally subscribe to a vegan lifestyle or have such a message to attend. We just ask that anything you sell or hand out is in alignment with our message and that it is vegan. See our page with guidelines for exhibitors. We are also eager to help out and you can ask us any questions about this.

What are the directions for setup?

You can set up on Saturday, April 13th, noon - 4 pm, or on Sunday morning, April 14th, 8 am - 10 am.

The load-in entrance is easily accessible from the back of the Century Center parking lot (click here for a map of the building).

Several flatbed carts will be available.

After delivery, you must not remain parked right outside of the facility. You can use the parking lot for $5- or park in a nearby street. Downtown parking is free everywhere on Sundays. Click here for a walking map of the area (pdf).

At 4:00 PM on Sunday you should start taking down your exhibits.

Does VegFest provide tables?

Yes, one or two 8' x 30" tables are included in the application cost. Tablecloths and pipe and drape are also provided.

Does VegFest provide linens?

Yes, VegFest will provide all tablecloths as well as pipe and drapes for a professional look.

What is the size of the booth?

Each booth is a 10’x10’ space. There is a 6’ space behind each table. Two (2) chairs are also provided at each booth.

Does VegFest accept food trucks?

Yes, the Century Center welcomes food trucks and the cost is the same as for food vendors. See the application form.

I am a food vendor, can I cook at my table?

If you are a food vendor, you are allowed to use Sterno type cooktops.

I work for a shelter. May I bring small animals, like cats, for adoption?

Century Center allows the presence of small animals. Indicate your request in filling out the application form or contact our team to discuss.

Do vendors need to provide a Certificate of Insurance for the event?

Michiana VegFest carries the insurance for the event.

We understand that VegFest is a vegan event, which we support, but our website shows that we also sell animal products. Can we still be a vendor at VegFest?

As long as you don’t promote animal products at VegFest itself, we welcome you as a vendor.