Transformation Story: Libby Martin

Transformation Story: Libby Martin Hi I’m Libby! As a South Bend native born and raised, I had a typical upbringing involving family,friends, and of course food. As a kid, my favorite animal was a pig, and I always used to sketch little cartoon pigs sitting in hot skillets with the caption that read “I smell […]

Why I’m Vegan – Sarah Carruthers

I owe my transition to a vegan diet to two college professors I had at Notre Dame: Matthew Doppke and Megan Halteman-Zwart.  Before I took Prof. Doppke’s “Food Fights” seminar my sophomore year, I barely ate vegetables and hadn’t critically thought about the implications of what I ate. I rolled my eyes when we were […]

About Purple Porch Food Co-op

Kristy Robinson of Purple Porch Food Co-op shares what they provide to support a plant-based lifestyle. What does Purple Porch do/what do you provide that supports their plant-based lifestyle? Our kitchen creates vegan/veg friendly items whenever we can. In alignment with the Purple Porch mission, we like to be as inclusive as possible: everyone can […]

Dame Tu Mano Hispanic Health Initiative by Beacon Community Impact

Dame Tu Mano is a Hispanic health initiative centered on improving overall health for this community. Since its creation DTM’s goal has been to empower the Hispanic community by taking control of their personal health. Over the past ten years that goal has taken several different approaches, but the overall goal of better health and wellness […]

Laura Ball, Newsletter Volunteer and Recipe Taster: “Why I’m Vegan”

I started at a very young age learning a vegan lifestyle. Ironically, we lived on a small chicken farm before my family made the change. I vividly remember walking outside the house and seeing chickens with their heads cut off, hanging on the clothesline. Even at a very young age, this felt wrong. This memory […]