Transformation Update: Michael Pound

As I prepared to write this update on my year as a vegan, I looked back at my transformation story in the July newsletter and realize I feel even more strongly about changing to a plant-based lifestyle. “So, now I am a dedicated vegan, discovering the enormous variety of food possibilities that don’t involve animals. […]

Transformation Story: Connie Dobson RN, BSN, CCRP at Goshen Heart and Vascular Center

Hi! I am currently the RN clinical coordinator for Goshen Health Cardiopulmonary Rehab and the program manager for the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program. My nursing career began 20 years ago at Elkhart General Hospital, where I was able to spread my wings and experience bedside nursing, eventually moving into management and director positions I learned […]

Transformation Story: Dana Labrum

Growing from Vegetarian 1976 to Vegan 2017 July 31, 1976 — Madison, Wisconsin The day I became a vegetarian. I woke up that Saturday morning and said to myself, “I can feel better!” This, after a BBQ cookout the night before. Overnight and immediate. I changed my diet.  My cooking. My lifestyle. I got ahold […]

Transformation Story: Michael Pound

I became a vegan a few weeks ago, in early May 2022. It’s been a long but inevitable journey driven by concerns over food safety, the environment and animal welfare. I grew up in the United Kingdom, and my concerns over food safety started with the revelations of what we were feeding to cows and […]

Marcy Dailey: Transformation Story

Transformation Story: Marcy Dailey     Have you found it to be true that when you discover something that works well for you, you just can’t wait to share it with others? This premise is why I now take joy in helping folks learn about plant-based nutrition and encouraging them to make positive changes that […]

Transformation Story: Libby Martin

Transformation Story: Libby Martin Hi I’m Libby! As a South Bend native born and raised, I had a typical upbringing involving family,friends, and of course food. As a kid, my favorite animal was a pig, and I always used to sketch little cartoon pigs sitting in hot skillets with the caption that read “I smell […]